The festival of kites



Since 2009, a brand new event has begun that has been so successful in some Italian cities like Cervia. The Festival of Kites takes place in late May when the sea gives lukewarm baths to tourists who crowd the city with this new curiosity more.

I was present at the first festival and I must say that it was a fantastic and seductive spectacle both day and night when these immense human figures hovered in the sky illuminated by the headlights below.

During the day we admired how the kite is not just a child’s play but an artistic form in which creativity gives an incredible outlet to competitors who eventually use the flight as the final method of transmitting their work.

The shapes are incredible, the people are really special and the air you breathe is really mystical and in tune with the environment that surrounds it.

If you are on holiday in San Vito Lo Capo or if you decide to go … well in addition to the economic savings that the structures do in this period you will also have an added value for your visual sense by being open-mouthed and nose up in the wonderful beach of San Vito Lo Capo.

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