The beaches of S. Vito Lo Capo and the Zingaro



The beach of San Vito Lo Capo:

Its colors that degrade from light blue to turquoise intensity are variable from the type of daily atmospheric condition. If the day is sunny you will see this beach in all its beauty and then you will say that you have found the right place for you and your friends or family. Here the sand is white and fine and the depth of the sea is sloping to the point that children can play quiet.

S. Vito lo Capo is renowned for its 3-kilometer “Caribbean beach” where most families spend all their vacation time relaxing. I must really say that the first time I saw it, this beach fascinated me because it had very little different from those seen in the most remote corners of the Caribbean.

This beach is really suitable for those who love peace and those who do not want to move too much without giving weight to the small coves hidden in the wild corners of Capo San Vito.

But for those like me who are also looking for little corners of the enchanted world, here is a new world opens up with small beaches and bays where you can enjoy wild corners in unspoiled nature (as long as it is not in the Ferragostian period).

Waiting to revisit this article with new photos and updates, we propose to tourists these photos that alone are worth more than a holiday and we invite you to send more photos to highlight this territory, where every corner contains a magic of incredible visual emotions .

Cala della Capreria: a cove of white gravel, where the sea, with the colors of sapphire and emerald will welcome in its warm womb from May to October those who want to understand all the magic contained in the word Riserva dello Zingaro.

Cala Tonnarella or Uzzo: “Cala Tonnarella” or “Tonnarella dell’Uzzo”, near the entrance to San Vito Lo Capo, is the seat of the old tonnara, complementary to that of San Vito; it came into operation at the cessation of the activity of the former. You can enjoy them in an enchanting sea.

Cala Torre Uzzo: beautiful beach there is a great backdrop, many beautiful fish, excellent sea of ​​crystalline color .. a little rough for the currents .. but it is a spectacle of nature.

Ficarella (Sicily, Zingaro Nature Reserve) White pebble coves, Caribbean water and breathtaking surrounding landscape. One of the few beaches where in the low season you can still find yourself alone. Behind it lies the fabulous Zingaro reserve, with mountain slopes that recall landscapes from high altitudes, a particular vegetation where dwarf palms can be found. You can get there on foot, in about 30-40 minutes, from the parking of the reserve on the side of San Vito lo Capo.

Cala Marinella: To get there on foot is a struggle, but it’s worth it … before arriving in Marinella there is also the cave of the anuzzo that should be visited.

Cala della Disa or Zingaro: Cala della Disa and Beretta are almost similar and very close to each other. It is easy to confuse them. The cove of the disa is very spacious, I would say the most spacious of all the gypsy! Full of people, very clean water on the green and never agitated. Then the rocks are a show!

Cala del Varo: It can only be reached by boat but it is very suggestive. is small. Between cala del varo and capreria there are many caves that can only be reached by motorboat and are simply beautiful!

Cala Beretta: Cala very quiet because there is almost no one, but it is also from the extraordinary seabed and then it is always very rough and with shallow water.

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